Nenden Choerunnisa, Etin Solihatin, Raharjo

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


 This research was conducted aiming to expose regarding public participation in the preservation of the Sundanese culture which includes the process of preservation and public participation. This research was carried out over the past eight months as the Moon started to March 2013 s. d November 2013 At Some Kanca Sundanese culture in Mekarsari. Data collection is done by qualitative methods, data is taken based on the purposive sampling and snowball sampling. The research found forms of participation in the society mekarsari namely to participate in activities of art and culture sundanese, cooperation in clean environment in order to strengthen the relationship between every society, participate in a traditional ceremony and apply good manners towards older people. The Researcher concludes overall that cultures sundanese is highly unique culture to preserve and in developing

Keywords : Public participation sundanese, The preservation of cultural sundanese

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Subali Nur Utomo, Yuyus Kardiman dan Yasnita Yasin

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


This study aims to get a picture or information about political education conducted volunteer force Indonesia Raya for election 2014 in SATRIA east Jakarta. The results showed that the development time of many political parties making organizations under the auspices of political parties. As a way to find support and gain sympathy from the public. As with any political party in Indonesia that GERINDRA party, who form organizations under the auspices of the party or commonly called the wing party. The oldest organization is owned by Gerindra called SATRIA This organization was made 1 month after theparty Gerindra stand. The conclusion that can be drawn from the research is conducted political education in SATRIA east Jakarta chapter stressed on party ideology and socialization of the elections as well as providing materials about the love of homeland and the political situation of the country. Of any training undertaken by SATRIA creating cadres loyal and dedicated to the organization.

Keywords: Political Education, SATRIA, 2014 election

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Hubungan Bimbingan Orang Tua Dengan Hasil Belajar Siswa Pada Bidang Studi PKn Di SMPN 13 Bekasi

Firman Supendi, Sarkadi, Dwi Afrimetty Timoera

Program Studi PPKN FIS UNJ


Firman Supendi, Parental Guidance Relationship With Student Results In Field Studies Civics (correlation studies at SMP 13 Bekasi). Thesis, Jakarta. Social and political science Department, Program Pancasila and Citizenship Education Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, State University of Jakarta 2014. This study aims to gain knowledge about the parental relationship with the learning outcomes of students in the field of study in the SMP PKN 13 Bekasi class VIII based on data or facts right, true authentic, valid and reliable. This study uses a quantitative approach, the data collected in the form of figures that will be tested with statistical methods. The data collection technique that researchers use in this study is a questionnaire and documentation, the calculation of normality with Liliefos variable X (Parental Guidance) and the variable Y (Student Results) found that the data are normally distributed. Data processing using Pearson product moment correlation formula is a positive relationship Parental Guidance (X) with the Student Results (Y). Parent means the better the more it will increase the Guiding student learning result (frank Pearson). Based on the results obtained from the data obtained while rtabel rhitung = 0.675 for n = 36 and a = 0.05 is 0.361 means rhitung ˂ rtabel, means that the data is valid, which means There is a positive relationship between parental guidance with learning outcomes Civics.

 Key Word : Guidance Relationship, Student Result

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Badriantunisa, Sarkadi, M.Maiwan
Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta

The study intend to obtain empirical data the about difference between the use of learning outcomes of modules and teaching materials teaching materials worksheets . This research was conducted in SMAN 1 DRAMAGA from April to May in the 2nd half of the school year 2012/2013 and do as much as four treatments .

The method used is an experimental method to design pretest – posttest control group design . In this study, the target population was all students of SMAN 1 DRAMAGA which totaled 678 . Meanwhile , the population is affordable whole class X which totaled 342 which consists of 9 classes . The sampling technique called random or simple random sampling . The sample to be studied for the experimental class is class X – 2 , amounting to 37 and for which the control class class X – 1 , amounting to 37 .

The instrument used is an objective test in the form of 50 multiple choice questions . Having tested the validity and reliability , 45 matter is valid from 60 questions that tested .Test requirements analysis is done by testing for normality using Liliefors test . To obtain experimental class L count is smaller than L table ( 0.124 < 0.146 ) , then the data are normally distributed in the experimental group . While the classes are smaller Lcount gained control of Ltabel ( 0.123 < 0.146 ) , then the data are normally distributed in the control group. Test requirements analysis followed by Fisher’s test of homogeneity using the test results obtained were calculated Fcount ( 1.22 ) < F table ( 1.78 ), meaning that the data from the experimental group and the control group was homogeneous .

Calculations followed by hypothesis testing . In the calculations using the t test the hypothesis that the price obtained t count of 2,702 and a price t table with 95 % significance level ( α ) = 0.05 with degrees of freedom ( df ) = 1 is 2.00 . Therefore t is greater than t table ( 2.702 > 2.00 ) , then H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted , meaning that there are differences in learning outcomes between the classes that use teaching materials and classroom modules that use teaching materials worksheets .

Keywords: learning results, teachers, students, module, student worksheet

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Ismail Saleh, M.Maiwan, Raharjo

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


The study was conducted in December 2012 until April 2013, Warem Blue Tent in the Village Wanasari, District Cibitung adjacent and behind the Regional Hospital (RSD) Bekasi Regency cottage opposite the Tanah Mas Housing and surrounded by residential areas. This study aims to determine what factors are the causes of teenage prostitution in particular women and how the solutions effort given Bekasi administration in the fight against juvenile prostitution in the area Cibitung-Bekasi. Qualitative research methods are not intended to test a specific hypothesis but simply describe what it is about a variable or symptoms. Informants used are five commercial sex workers and pimps are there in one café in a blue tent and key informants used is Social Department, municipal police, Social Services and Community Leaders. Data was collected through direct observation, study documents, collect photos, live interviews so that data can be collected and processed into a study.

The results showed Factors causing prostitution is in a blue tent in particular adolescent women (16-21 years), the main factor that caused them to plunge into the world of prostitution is the economic and educational factors (of the five prostitutes were interviewed, four of them indulge in prostitution due to these factors), in addition to the other factors that cause them go jump into the world of prostitution is the encouragement of a parent, one of the defects in their bodies, encouragement from friends and gentle persuasion scalpers (pimp). To cope with the rampant prostitution activities undertaken by young women, particularly Bekasi municipal police administration and the Department of Social there are two ways ie by Preventive action (before going) and Representive (after).



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Kosasih, Sarkadi, Afrimetty Timoera 

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


This research is to gain knowledge about the relationship of unemployment to teen misbehavior in Ds.Sindangsari Kec.Cabangbungin Kab.Bekasi. based on data or facts right, true authentic, valid and reliable. This study uses a quantitative approach, the data collected in the form of figures to be tested by statistical methods. The data collection techniques that I use in this study was a questionnaire and documentation. The population is older people who have not worked in accordance with the type of unemployment that has been written. older people to be studied amounted to 200 people and then be sampled proportionate stratified random sampling as many as 40 people. To obtain the data authors distributing questionnaires to customers consisting of 40 questions that the author for the two parts of the questionnaire to 15 questions and 15 statements about the questionnaire for questions.

Processing data using Pearson product moment correlation formula and then testing hypotheses using t-test. Based on the results obtained from the data obtained while r table r arithmetic  = 0.334 for n = 30 and a = 0.05 is 0.334 arithmetic mean r> r table, means that the data is valid, which means the unemployment rate gives the optimal relationship to adolescent deviant behavior.

Keyword: unemployment, straying behavior, adolescent

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Gema Pertiwi,  Tjipto Sumadi dan Yuyus Kardiman

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


           This research have function for desription about development patterns in building the character of the nation’s schools. This research make qualitity approach and descriptive metode. Time for this research from February for june 2013 in Pesantren Terpadu Al-Kahfi. Technic data collecting make interview and documentation in located. Interviewer is Santri and Ustadz in Pesantren Terpadu Al-Kahfi, and head ofhousehold and  headman  in Srogol Village. And then for key informan is Pesantren Leader in Pesantren Terpadu Al-Kahfi. And for expert opinion is Dr.M.Japar, M.Si for get good quality research.From this research any some finding about development patterns in building the character of the nation’s schools. First, There are a variety of activities that students can build good character, such as praying, Tahfidzul quran, school, extracurricular activities, muraja’ah, and private study. Character is built in each activity is honesty, discipline, cooperation, tolerance, compassion, responsibility, caring, simplicity, generous, and helpful. Second, teaching materials contained in the pesantren has a charge of moral values ​​can be seen from the curriculum used in the schools. Therefore, students gain knowledge about moral values​​. In the process of internalization of the values ​​of the characters at the school through habituation methods, enforcement of regulations with strict supervision and counseling conducted by the chaplain to provide motivation. Third, while the sanction given to students who commit a breach of an understanding of the offense and the consequences of any such breach, records of violations and sanctions permberian accordance with regulations.

Keywords : Development Patterns, Pesantren, Build TheNation’s Character

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Ranthy Aprilly, Wuri Handayani, Yuyus Kardiman

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


This study aims to obtain a picture or information about Pancasila Education Implementation with Critical Literacy Perspective. This research uses descriptive qualitative method. Data collection tools used were observation, interview with Mr. Bambang Wisudo and Jimmy Ph Paat as key informants and 12 students (participant) .While the method used is descriptive analysis, data obtained from observations and interviews were analyzed descriptively, and then made a conclusion. Conclusions obtained in this case Pancasila education through implementation of Pancasila learning fun and applicative that can be alternatives for prospective teachers and foster critical and creative attitude to prospective teachers and learners in order to later be able to create learning that not only know the material, but also can grow conative aspects (acting).

Keywords: Implementation, Pancasila Education, Critical Literacy

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PENCAK SILAT DALAM MEMBANGUN KARAKTER BANGSA (Penelitian Kualitatif terhadap Atlet Pencak Silat Universitas Negeri Jakarta)

Harryani Yulia R, M. Japar dan Tjipto Sumadi

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


Culture and character of the nation’s education needs to be strengthened again at the cultural, moral and character of the Indonesian nation was dropped at this time. Instill in a person’s character is not an easy task, it took a long time to introduce it, give understanding of the mind and heart so as to create someone who has a strong character and a winning personality. Pencak Silat is an achievement culture of ethnic communities in Indonesia and an authentic, unique, distinctive, grow and develop, but no less attractive and popular in their own country. This study aims to find out information of the Pencak Silat in building character national and knowing the character of the nation’s values ​​contained in Pencak Silat.

The experiment was conducted at the Sports Club Achievement Pencak Silat State University of Jakarta, in January 2013 until June 2013. Object of study is the Pencak Silat athletes UNJ i.e. as an informant and coaches, supervisors as key informants. This research is a descriptive qualitative research approach. The data collection method used is a structured interview for informants Pencak Silat athletes and coaches and trainers’ key informants Pencak Silat, in this study the researcher acting as participant observer. Used for data verification measures member check, auditrial, triangulation and expert opinion from the developer and the Pencak Silat warriors.

The results showed that the Pencak Silat can build the nation’s character on KOP Pencak Silat athletes Jakarta State University on four domains, namely sports, though the heart, though the flavor, and if thought. Character that is the sportsmanship value built tough and resilient values, discipline, sportsmanship, friendly, competitive, cheerful, hard work, spirit of patriotic, nationalistic, disciplined, resilient, tough, sporty and honest, able to compete, exercise with a cheerful, friendly, no grudges, and cooperative. If the value of the liver that is built Pencak Silat, namely: value honest, faithful, responsible, willing to take risks, never surrender, sacrifice, and patriotic spirit. If the value of built flavors or wills of the value of caring, polite, respectful, tolerant, nationalist, proud native Indonesian Pencak Silat products, dynamic, and hard work. If the value is built Pencak Silat think that the value of intelligent, able to spot opportunities, critical, open-minded and productive by developing and preserving the martial arts in the community and develop it with modern times.

Keywords: Pencak Silat,Pancasila, sports, the character of the nation.

To be continued at this please read the links

“Pencak Silat in Nation Character Building “. (Qualitative Research on Pencak Silat Athletes State University of Jakarta).

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Neneng Aenilah, Sarkadi, Suhadi

Program Studi PPKN Fakultas ILmu Sosial UNJ


This study aims to investigate the performance of village officials in rural development. The research was conducted at the Village Office Sukahurip Sukatani Bekasi District. The method used in this study is a qualitative method. Data retrieval technique is the method of observation and interviews with village officials, village heads and members of village sukahurip BPD. The research instrument used was 5 Sukahurip Villagers, village heads 1, 7 and 3 village staff members BPD. It is composed of 20 grains of questions submitted directly to the village officials and villagers sukahurip Sukahurip.

Results of this study relates to employee performance shows that the village is in a village employee performance sukahurip progress, tasks and implementation of a working system is implemented in accordance with the functions and duties of each employee appropriate terterai village in the District Local Rule. Bekasi No. 2 of 2013. The conclusion of this study is sukahurip village employee performance progress in the work system, improvements in public services, planning development began designed, welfare and to overcome any obstacles that weighs in sukahurip village office.

Keywords: employee performance, rural development 




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