Mukhlis, Sarkadi, dan Raharjo

Program Studi PPKN FIS Universitas Negeri Jakarta


 This study aims to determine the quality of officials services in the Djatinegara Village. The research was conducted at the Djatinegara Village Office, Cakung District Administrative, East Jakarta. The quality of service aspects are seen from  Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, Physical Evidence (Tangibles). The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative, data collection technique is the survey method and instrument as the main tool for data collection on Djatinegara village communities who use services in the Djatinegara Village. Instrument used in this study was given to 96 people / responders who can fill as much as 23 statements provided by the researchers to measure the quality of service in the Djatinegara Village, Cakung District.

The results of this study with regard to quality of service officials in the Djatinegara village to the community, it is considered reasonably well. The score is in the range 2.60 – 3.39 with an average score of 2.60. This result means the village officials should be improving the quality of its services to the people who use services in Djatinegara Village, Cakung Districts,  Eastern Jakarta. Which must be corrected come from some existing services, and some critical infrastructure to support services in the Djatinegara Village.

 Keywords: Quality Service, Village Office.

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